Digitally Fabricated and CNC'd Walnut Plywood Wall Console

We love everything about digital fabrication especially when it comes to furniture design. CNC’s allow designers and creatives to build spectacular pieces of furniture using digital joinery which has been remastered from traditional woodworking as well as new techniques specific to digital fabrication.

The possibilities seem endless as designers are able to build precise and complex pieces using a multitude of materials including hardwoods/softwoods, metal, plexiglass, and more.

digitally fabricated furniture by klo lab

We designed and fabricated the Messenger wall console consisting of a trio of mirror inlays on white plexiglass with the base made out of European walnut plywood. We opted for a mod pill shape that is a perfect addition to a gallery wall or small entry entry. The two shelves allow for storage on small keepsakes such as candles, keys, books, or plants.

custom plywood wall console by klo labs.jpg
Walnut plywood cnc furniture by klo lab.jpg

We chamfered the edges of this walnut plywood wall console to lend it some character and soften it all around.

Are you a industrial or furniture designer in Vancouver looking to team up with a CNC fabricator to bring your piece to life? Get in touch with us, we’d love to help.

Klo Lab Team