CNC Prop Fabrication for Vancouver Set Production Company

There’s no shortage of movies and shows being filmed right in beautiful Vancouver. There’s 33 different ones being filmed as we speak!

We worked with The Great North Way Scene Shop and fabricated a space needle replica as one of the props they’re creating as part of their set design. The space needle was created in Rhino and translated in to a CNC ready file by our production manager Addel.

We have a beauty (and a beast) of a 5 x 10 CNC router that is capable of cutting and fabricating a ton of materials including MDF, wood, plexiglass, metals, foam, leather, cardboard, and more. Our Vancouver fabrication shop is also equipped with a laser engraver and UV Printer for all of your production needs.

Whether you’re a film company looking for a local Vancouver CNC fabricator to create props for you or a designer who’d like to bring your prototype or digitally fabricated funriture to life, give us a shout, we can help!

Klo Lab Team

cnc mdf and plastic fabrication shop in Vancouver- klo lab.jpg
Film Set Prop CNC Fabrication in Vancouver- Klo Lab.jpg
custom cnc mdf cuts Vancouver by Klo Lab.jpg
Custom prop cnc and fabrication for movie sets in Vancouver- Klo Lab.jpg

Tarlan Seyedarfarshi