Custom Fabricated Plyoboxes for Grindhouse Fitness

Grindhouse Fitness in Vancouver commissioned us to create custom plyoboxes for their brand new gym located in East Van.  We love cutting plywood on our CNC so we dove right in.

Plyo boxes are boxes are used as platforms in plyometric exercises that have become popular over the last few years.  They're fabricated from plywood, glued, and nailed with dogbone joints for maximum sturdiness since they'll need to take a beating from all those box jumps!

CNC fabrication of plyoboxes vancouver.jpg

We CNC routered the boxes out of 3/4" plywood and added a custom touch with an engraved logo on the front of each plyobox.   Chamfered hand slots on the side allow for easy moving and carrying of the boxes.  

Next we fit the pieces together, glued and applied hardware for a perfect fit.  The end result is a strong and sturdy custom plyobox that's ready to withstand a lot of jumping and force. 

Custom wood cutting in Vancouver .jpg
Custom plyo workout box.jpg


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