Make it Real

We've been creating beautiful custom products for over 6 years through two successful startups, Klo Portfolios and Sigil & Growler.  Driven by the power of the tangible, we live for the bridge between an idea, fabrication, and the production of it. 

Whether you're looking for custom signage, millwork, a short run fabrication project, or some for items to be engraved, we can get the job done on time and on budget. 


Vancouver custom CNC Fabrication & Design Shop


The Klo Lab is a custom design and fabrication studio that helps designers, creative agencies, interior designers, and architechts bring their ideas to fruition. 

From small to larger scale CNC fabrication and laser engraving projects , we act as both tool and partner to make your idea tangible.

Our collaborative team is well versed in machining, design, and materials so we're ready to take on projects from small one-off prototypes and objects to large interior builds.



Our full service team of designers, fabrication specialists, and laser technicians allow us to collaborate with customers from concept to creation. 

The Klo Lab allows us to tinker and fine-tune ideas, fabrication and production methods so that something wonderful can be brought to life.  We believe that people are happiest when nurtured in a dynamic environment, allowing them to grow and learn, and evolve their role on a daily basis. 

Klo Lab Custom signage and signmaking services in Vancouver


Our dedicated fabrication shop has been molded to inspire an intersection of custom manufacturing, design, and marketing.

Each aspect meshes together to encourage collaboration between roles. 

Photography, marketing, design, and administration happen within a short distance of our workshop upstairs to ensure healthy cross section of minds and talents. 

Centrally located at 409 Industrial Ave makes it convenient for our clients and guests to visit and learn more.