Custom Acrylic Spiral Bound Notebooks for Go Daddy and Alchemista

We designed and created a large batch of custom acrylic spiral bound notebooks (prints included) on behalf of our sister company Klo Portfolios for the Go Daddy team.

We put our CNC machine to the task of cutting hundreds of covers with thousands of holes punched through to enable assembly of the coil binding and prints. These sleek acrylic spiral bound notebooks were then UV Printed with the Go Daddy company logo and inlayed with a green acrylic mirror on the back.

custom acrylic spiral bound notebook by Klo Portfolios.jpg
Custom acrylic coil bound notebooks by Klo Portfolios.jpg

Completely fabricated in-house it’s rare to find a company that completes the manufacturing of presentation solutions and notebooks within North America and we’re proud to say we’re one of the few.

Being able to CNC fabricate and UV Print the acrylic notebook covers as well as complete the printing and binding of them locally means that a short turnaround times can be met with a smile :-) Would you believe this project had a 4 day turnaround from the time the proof was approved to the time it was received by our customer in the US?

Custom acrylic spiral bound notepads by Klo Portfolios.jpg
Custom acrylic spiral bound journal.jpg

Our beast of a CNC is capable of fabricating wood, plastics, metals, leather, foam, and everything in between. Contact us and tell us more about your project whether it’s a custom furniture piece, a school project, a prototype, or small run manufacturing of your own product. We’d love to help!

Klo Lab Team