Custom CNC No-Sew Leather Cases for Porsche

Porsche... There is no substitute.  We designed and created a batch of custom leather cases along with portfolio books on behalf of our sister company Klo Portfolios for Porsche.   The results are in and they are phenomenal!

custom leather portfolio case by Klo Lab and Klo Portfolios
Custom leather cases CNC by Klo Lab and Klo Portfolios
Custom portfolio book created for Porsche by Klo Portfolios and Klo Lab

When you think of CNC fabrication, harder materials such as wood/plywood, metals, and plexiglass come to mind.  Our state of the art CNC machine is outfitted with a tangential knife which can cut leather and softer materials like butter so we decided to give it a try. 

It's beauty is in it's no-sew design, meaning it's CNC cut from a single piece of leather and requires no thread or zippers.  Our leather cases are held together with a unique tab design that's kept securely in place.   Metal closures on each end allow you to tighten and loosen the leather case when you need access to its contents.

Once the leather has been cut using our CNC, the logo is laser engraved to add that sexy custom touch. 

Klo Portfolios leather cases


Our tangential knife is capable of cutting a multitude of materials including rubber, cardboard, laminates, Styrofoam and more. 

Our leather cases house custom portfolio books we fabricate on behalf of Klo Portfolios for thousands of designers in all corners of the world and in every discipline you can think of.  These portfolio books house their prints in a beautiful vessel that beats walking in with an iPad or store bought binder from Staples.  It makes an impression and lets the viewer know that they mean business. 

Have a CNC cutting or engraving project? Chances are our full-service fabrication shop can make what you're looking for.  Give us a call or shoot us an email and we'd be happy to help. 

Klo Lab Team



Tarlan Seyedarfarshi