In the Making: Digital Fabrication and Furniture Design

Digital fabrication and CNC joinery techniques are changing how we make furniture in all the right ways.  CNC routers have opened up the possibilities of creating intricate furniture designs that can quickly be protoyped and tested, reworked, and perfected.  In the past, this was mainly achieved by an experienced woodworker needing a lot more time, and plenty more tools.  

CNC furntiure plywood stools Klo Lab.jpg

Enter digital fabrication and joinery techniques.  It's democratizing woodworking and empowering makers to fabricate goods for both local and none local customers.  Furniture pieces can be cut, flat-packed for easy shipping ,and easily assembled by the end receiver (sometimes without any additional hardware needed!)

Plywood has become one of the most popular and versatile man-made woodworking materials since it's relatively inexpensive, is strong and sturdy, and has a modern aesthetic.  It cuts like butter on our CNC and there's minimal wastage since the pieces can be perfectly nested together before cutting. 

Can you tell we love this stuff? 

We created a set of bar stools for a local customer using birch plywood.  After creating the design, we tested and tinkered until the digital joints were perfect.   The best part?  No hardware, nails, or screws were harmed in the making of these stools!  The stools were then sanded and oiled for an added layer of protection. 

Do you have a plywood furniture or cabinetry idea you'd like to bring to life via CNC fabrication?  Give us a shout, we'd be happy to help!

Custom CNC furniture cutting in Vancouver-Klo Lab.jpg
CNC Furniture making by Klo Lab.jpg