Custom Sign for Garden Party Flowers

Garden Party Flowers create beautiful floral arrangements for all occasions with a specialty in weddings and events.  If you've been to a store launch, wedding, or a special event in Vancouver with thoughtful floral arrangements, chances are it was done by them!

The ladies at Garden Party wanted a custom sign for the entrance of their store that incorporated fresh flowers that they can change often.

Business Sign CNC Vancouver Klo Lab.jpg

We came up with the perfect solution and used a sheet of MDF which we first painted white.  We fabricated their sign using our CNC to cut and engrave the design along with holes around the circular shape so they can "weave" flowers and leaves around the perimeter. 

Once we finished and delivered their sign, their team got to work on weaving their sign with some fresh florals and leaves.  The final result is a beautiful sign that incorporates their talent as florists and is on brand with the rest of their floral shop. 

Custom Business signage in Vancouver.jpg
Custom signs in Vancouver.jpg

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Custom signage in Vancouver.jpg


Need a custom business sign for your business or office?  Get in touch with us for a quote or schedule an appointment for a visit.  Our CNC shop is conveniently located and we offer a full range of services such as engraving, UV Printing, panel cutting, and more. 


Tarlan Seyedarfarshi