Custom Set Design and Prop Fabrication for Klo Portfolios

We designed and fabricated a custom still-life photo set for our sister company Klo Portfolios latest photo shoot.

The set includes a pink arched bookshelf, MDF veneered table, a small staircase, table top props, and a lot of plinths! We CNC cut everything out of varying thicknesses of MDF, glued and painted each piece with the color palette of the set.

Prop fabrication by Klo Lab Design and CNC in Vancouver.jpg
Custom plinth fabrication in vancouver by Klo Lab 2.jpg
Set Design CNC Fabrication by Klol lab.JPG
cnc set and prop fabrication in Vancouver by Klo Lab.JPG
Prop fabrication in Vancouver Klo Lab CNC .JPG

The end result is a beautiful backdrop to photograph Klo Portfolios’ custom portfolio books, leather cases, and signage products.

Do you have a custom set project or prop fabrication you need completed? We can CNC cut just about any material including plywood, plexiglass, hardwoods such as Oak and Walnut, brass, aluminum, leather, and more! We offer laser cutting and engraving as well UV Printing too and our shop is conveniently located in Vancouver.

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