Custom Plexiglass Signs for Herschel Supply Co.

We created a set of custom plexiglass signs for Herschel Supply Co’s head office in Vancouver. Their team came to us looking for kitchen signage that neatly identifies which team is responsible for tasks for the week.

We created a plexiglass slider mechanism, allowing them to easily switch out the team member’s name. The text is UV Printed & Cured on to a clear piece of plexiglass which is then mounted to a white piece of Sintra CNC cut in-house. Corresponding strips of clear plexiglass were laser cut to perfectly fit in to the slider area. Kitchen tasks never looked so good!

Do you have a custom sign project you’d like to receive a quote on? We can CNC almost any material including plexiglass, plywood, MDF, leather, cardboard, Sintra, aluminum, and more. Our CNC fabrication shop is located in Vancouver for easy access.

We offer great rates and a quick turnaround and are always on the hunt for cool projects. Get in touch to chat about your project!

Custom acrylic business signs by Klo Lab.jpeg
Acrylic signage in Vancouver.jpeg
Custom plexiglass signage for Herchel Supply Co by Klo CNC Fabrication.jpg
Plexiglass custom business signage in vancouver.jpeg
custom laser cut plexiglass in vancouver