Digitally Fabricated Furniture: Nested Terrazzo Inspired Tables Made with a CNC Machine

Do you prefer a round or rectangular table? What about something in between? We designed and fabricated 3 nested coffee tables at varying heights and irregular shapes. Plywood is one of the most popular and versatile woodworking materials and allows designers and fabricators to push the limits of design and prototype quickly.

White acrylic inlays were added into the engraved areas of the birch plywood to create a Terazzo pattern The high gloss of the white acrylic contrasts nicely with the matte finish of the birch plywood.

CNC furniture terrazzo coffee table Klo Lab.jpg
Terrazzo CNC coffee table digital fabriation furntiture Vancouver.jpg
custom cnc plywood furniture Vancouver Terrazzo table

The edges of the CNC’d coffee tables have been chamfered for a smooth finish, accentuating exposed birch plywood layers.

The best part about these CNC fabricated tables? They don’t require screws or glue to hold it in place and can be assembled and disassembled easily. This is achieved by using CNC joinery with a small tolerance between the joints of the legs and table top.

These digitally fabricated tables are part of a set design for a product photography shoot with stellar results!

custom cnc plywood tables by Klo Lab II.jpg
digital fabrication CNC tables by Klo Lab.jpg

Do you have a CNC furniture design or set design of your own you’d like to bring to life? Our shop is equipped with a monster CNC, laser engraver, UV Printer, and more.

Give us a call or book a time to come and tour our fabrication shop conveniently located in Vancouver. We’d love to hear more about your projects.

Happy Creating,

Klo Lab Team